Common Herbicides Appear to Cause Antibiotic Resistance

Thia article from the Cornucopia Institute illustrates the damaging interactions between pesticides and the microbial world.

This interference with microbial balance leads some researchers with expertise in genetic engineering, bacterial genetics and biosafety, like Professor Heinemann of the University of Canterbury to say that “The sub-lethal effects of industrially manufactured chemical products should be considered by regulators when deciding whether the products are safe for their intended use,” he says. We know, for instance, that endocrine disrupting chemicals have stronger effects at lower concentrations – less can be dangerous too and longterm accumulative effects can be disastrous.

This biotic world has complex interconnections which some are now realising. The simplistic mechanistic ‘scientific’ approach which has been seriously compromised by corporate billions both in our universities and our government bodies cannot lead us out of our toxic wilderness.

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