Lesson from the Dirawong

Aerial spraying caused loss of native species

We are seriously concerned about the immediate and the long-term impacts of the aerial spraying operations on Threatened Species like the Pink Nodding Orchid, and the regeneration of Threatened Ecological Communities like Littoral Rainforest. In a letter to The Byron Shire Echo, July 27, 2010, p. 13, “Aerial Spraying has its impacts”, Ellen White documented that the 2003 aerial spraying of Dirawong Reserve (and Bundjalung National Park) caused the loss of native species, including the reduction down to just one single plant remaining of the threatened Nodding Orchid. The death of animal species from the coastal littoral zone was also noted.

Bundjalung National Park was just sprayed again yesterday. Is that what is coming for Tyagarah Nature Reserve – 11 years of aerial spraying? Is that why they are too scared to tell us how many applications they will need to control Bitou Bush in Tyagarah?

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