Belgium Bans Glyphosate Herbicide Use for Non-Professionals

Europe is waking up to the depth of corporate corruption in the regulation (lack of) pesticides. Unfortunately, Australian politicians and beaurocrats are completely captured by corporations – agro-chemical, pharmaceutical, mining.

“A wave of glyphosate bans are being introduced by member states in Europe while the issue of the chemical’s reauthorization at EU level drags on. Among the most dramatic developments has been the announcement by Belgium’s federal minister of agriculture, Willy Borsus, that he wants to ban the sale and use of herbicides by non-professionals. He voiced particular concern over glyphosate.

‘Considering the risk-benefit balance, there is no justification for the use of herbicides for individuals,’ Borsus said. He said there were safer alternatives, such as heat treatment, mechanical weeding, or bio-pesticides.

Borsus also called for a new investigation into alleged “Monsanto manoeuvres and attempts to influence experts” with the aim of keeping glyphosate on the market.”

Read the full article here.

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