A timely reminder of herbicide dioxins and their lack of regulation

Remember the 4 Corners program ‘Chemical Time Bomb’ shown on ABC on 22 July 2013. It showed the shocking legacy of herbicide dioxins in 2,4-D used in weed control in Western Australia and passed down from the workers to their children.

Four Corners reveals evidence that this potentially deadly chemical compound may still be present in weed control products and that authorities do not routinely test for it.

“The program also reveals that this hands-off approach to regulation is entirely in keeping with the way governments have dealt with the lethal chemical dioxin over four decades.”

This tragic story can be viewed again here

It is a reminder too that these weed control programs do untold, unrecorded, and unmonitored environmental damage. For fauna, this is not just through habitat loss but more directly through toxicity.

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