Secret Documents Show Monsanto Led Brutal Attack on International Cancer Agency

International Agency for Research on Cancer

“In secret internal Monsanto documents released on Tuesday by legal firms in the U.S. it was revealed how Monsanto led the attack on the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), after the Agency announced that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, is a probable human carcinogen in 2015.

On Tuesday it was shown how Monsanto edited and wrote an ‘independent’ Expert Panel Manuscript to refute IARC’s findings. It was also revealed that Monsanto paid members of the ‘independent’ Expert Panel as consultants and also planned a press attack with a Forbes contributor on the IARC findings, even before they were published.

Amazingly the secret documents have shown that Monsanto went even further than just attacking IARC over their glyphosate decision. They decided to try and “invalidate relevance of IARC” so as to “prevent future bad IARC decisions on pesticides/GMOs” . Monsanto did this by using U.S. political influence to pressure the World Health Organization and others to try and control IARC.”

The article and the secret documents are available at Sustainable Pulse August 4 2017.

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